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General food and culinary
Chef2Chef.net US based resource site specifically for chefs. Features a broad range of information, services and products; as well as an attractive and easy to use site design.
Escoffier on Line Commercial Web Site for Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Cooks, Culinary Educators, Food & Beverage Managers and all Food Professionals. Comprehensive indexed links to heaps of other sites.
Food Lover's Glossary As the name suggests this site is a dictionary of food and culinary terms. Easy to use.
Food Net US based information Center for Food Professionals. Very professional, good content.
French Culinary Institute A Lycos Top 5% site and deservedly so. Great design, a wealth of course information for prospective students. A good example of web marketing
Global Gourmet US emag featuring lots of information and links to food and wine issues. Unlike a lot of it's competitors this site is not cluttered and is fairly user friendly.
Le Cordon Bleu, Paris - The famous cooking school.
Mangia Firenze Cooking School Threw this one in because it is a stunning visual delight and a great example of Internet marketing.
Pearl's Food Glossary Exactly as the name suggests � a comprehensive online dictionary of culinary terms.
Safefood This site is designed to increase consumer awareness of the safety and nutritional value of processed foods. It will also help consumers choose foods wisely, and teach you how to properly handle, prepare, and store foods.

Sally's Place A Worldwide perspective on the finer things in life: food, wine, people, travel and fun.

The Culinary Connection Thoughtfully constructed food oriented site. Recipes, 800 food related links, chat and newsgroups.
The Diner's Grapevine A commercial site in the U.S. that's so cool we had to put it on this list for you to have a look at.
The Food Resource A fabulous site with heaps of interesting information, plus an extensive library of free, downloadable food photography and images (JPG).
The Global Gastronomer - Cuisines of the World This site is devoted to links to recipes, food history, and food lore of all regions of the globe, with the goal of discovering, sharing, and appreciating the diverse tastes of all the world's people.
The Inquisitive Cook Surf around this one � it contains some good articles and a question and answer section.
The Kitchen Link One of the most comprehensive lists of links to recipes, sources, consumer information, culinary schools, and related sites.
The Netfood Directory A pretty complete listing of professional food related sites. If you're looking in a specific interest area, go here.
Bar recipes and drink guides
Acat's Bar Pages The main goal for these pages is to educate people interested in making and drinking wine/cocktails/long drinks
  Bartender's List Alphabetical list of bar recipes, printed horizontally on the page � easy to reference.
  Links to Drink Recipe Sites An extensive listing of net resources concerning mixed drinks and cocktails
Setting-up a bar From Webtender this is a very useful list of all the equipment and initial stock you'll need to set up a new bar.
The Ultimate Bartender's List A comprehensive alphabetical list of drink recipes. Print it out, bind it and leave it behind your bar.
  The Webtender Professional site dedicated to bar staff everywhere. Great graphics, design and content.
About.com - cocktails This well laid out and comprehensive emagazine site has a rich collection of information and links for the beverage professional.
  A world of Tea Everything you ever wanted to know about tea.
BeverageNet This is an attractive US based site devoted to beverages of all kinds. It features a multitude of different sections, some providing free information and others offering other resources. Contains a good listing of most of the major beverage producers web sites.
Coffee US based site devoted to coffee and associated subjects. Features a good list of coffee links with descriptions.
Coffee science source A really good site dedicated the the health issues related to coffee consumption. Very informative.
Coffee Universe If you want information about coffee this is the place to go. A comprehensive site with very good content.
Cooking with coffee Probably should be in the food and cooking section but this site lists history, lore, storage, and information on cooking with coffee
Tea related links An interesting list of tea links on the web with specific information about the various types of teas and the different ways people prepare tea.
Virtual Coffee Emag containing columns by the industry's foremost experts, up-to-date news on industry events, trends, products and people, insightful features on the world of coffee, photos, links, reviews, tips, etc.
Ale Street News Top award-winning online magazine for those interested in beer or brewing. Great layout, great site.
  All About Beer Humourous magazine dedicated to beer. Well done, informative and pleasing to the eye.
Beer basics for restaurants and bars Information on beer storage, handling and dispensing from Beveragenet in the US. Features a useful troubleshooting chart.
Cat's Meow This very strange name is the internet database of beer recipes. Very comprehensive. Well constructed and interesting site.
Lion Nathan The huge NZ based brewing company has a wealth of resource information about beer and brewing on its web site.
Pubcrawler  An extensive database of over 3,500 microbreweries, pubs and bars across the US and Canada. Lot's of information about what's happening over there.
The Beer Info Source This is a service provided to the seekers of fine brews who wish to locate information on the Net regarding their favourite beverage.
The Real Beer Page Everything you could ever want to know about craft-beer can be found here, and more!
Hospitality Management
Finns Link to the web site of Finn Roache Lawyers (Australia). Contains a library of legal essays relating to the hospitality industry. Look beyond the 'hospitality' category � a number of other categories have information that directly relates to hospitality businesses.
Restaurant insurance Series of informative articles from the US company Restaurant Insurance Group about the nuts and bolts of restaurant insurance
Tourism and leisure job descriptions Not quite the kind of job descriptions normally used in business but this Australian site (linking to similar in the US) gives information about a broad variety of hospitality and tourism jobs for people seeking careet guidance.
Hospitality Marketing
Agenz.com Restaurant Marketing Resources. The knowledge of a first-class marketing department and advertising agency is available to you at agenZ's INFORMATION LIBRARY. This knowledge base is growing daily, with ideas and information that can increase your bottom line!
Armsco Short for: Arizona Restaurant Marketing Company. Commercial site featuring lots of restaurant merchandising material, plus free pages containing a good selection of links and a section specially for chefs.
Biz Web - Food This is an extensive listing of largely commercial food related links in the U.S. It's good for seeing what is happening over there with web marketing.
Charlie Trotter's Web Site At the risk of getting a flood of purely commercial web sites, we include this great example of how a modern foodservice business is marketing itself on the net. Very tasteful.
Fabfoodpix.com Fabfoodpix provide high quality food photography for design groups, publishers, advertising agencies and the food & catering industry.
Hospitality Marketing Links A quite extensive listing of world wide hospitality marketing links with some really good examples of innovative marketing strategies.
Photos to Go Similar to the Corel commercial photo library library, but a bit cheaper. Good food and dining sections.
The Food Resource A fabulous site with an extensive library of free, downloadable food photography and images (JPG).
Recipe sites
Ichef.com An electronic recipe archive dedicated to the worship of food. If you are looking for cooking ideas you'll find them here.
SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes 30,000 recipes, broken down into various categories, with the ability to search for key words or phrases. No photos. Meal Master 8.02 format.
The Internet Epicurean Recipe Exchange Interact with other cooks and find specific recipes, or recipes using special ingredients. Contains over 5,000 recipes. Searchable.
The Recipe Network Loads of recipes already in several different database formats (Mastercook, Meal Master, Recipe Wizard).
Top secret recipes This is a really interesting site. Just type in the name of almost any food product or fastfood item (e.g. KFC, McDonalds, Starbuck's) and up comes a recipe to reproduce it. Extensive database, mainly US products.
Specialist Food
  Beef.org Award winning site devoted to guess what? Great graphics and lots of free information.
The Cook's Thesaurus The Cook's Thesaurus suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients, including low-calorie and low-fat alternatives for dieters, inexpensive substitutes for gourmets on a budget, and innovative replacements for hard-to-find ethnic ingredients.
Fish FAQ A bouillabaisse of facts about fish. Ever wanted to know how long a fish lives? I didn't but I found out anyway.
Great Eastern Mussell Farm Slick commercial site containing a wealth of information about mussels�buying them, storing them and cooking them. Interesting.
Sushi Great site for all those outside Japan who want to enjoy the Japanese cuisine throughout the world. Searchable database for restaurants in your neighbourhood and all you need to know about sushi.
Team Mumu Pit Cooking Page Wacky page with some interesting experiments in pit cooking (One of the weird things we read in the middle of the night. For others, see our Hospitality Humour Page)
The Complete Chocolate Web For all you addicts. Great site containing lots of free information about the origins, history and uses for chocolate. Also contains a chocolate links page if you want more.
Directories and On-Line Publications
2Friends Sydney Food Directory This is an extensive listing of Hospitality Web links around Sydney Australia. It includes cafes, restaurants, caterers, suppliers, publications and more . . . Good work.
American Connoisseur An online magazine dedicated to bringing you the best in connoisseur living. From gourmet features & recipes to dining & travel tips, you'll find it here!
Australian Tourism Net Link Library Comprehensive library of Australian and NZ hospitality and tourism links, indexed by category.
Baxter A useful resource for people in the tourism industry. An extensive host site for a variety of hospitality related sites, as well as an E-zine dedicated to Canadian hospitality.
Blanche Short for: Bar, Lounge And Nightclub Cyber Homepage. An ambitious attempt to list all the world's nitespots. Organised by world region. Free listing.
E-Hospitality.com is an encyclopaedic reference point that covers everything from PMS software to restaurant design.
Ehotelier.com A very extensive indexed list of international links of interest to hoteliers and hospitality professionals.
EPICURIOUS: Food, Drink, Cooking and Recipes A free on-line magazine which is devoted to fine food and wine. Lots of imaginative material, with good graphics and presentation.
Ezine Lists This is a site that keeps track of all the latest electronic magazines on the web. You may be interested in the following categories: food, nutrition and travel�as well as any other topic you may be interested in.
  Food Channel US magazine for the restaurant industry. Dig deep here � there's lots of really good stuff.
  Food for Thought Recipe and Cooking Links. Comprehensive listings of resources on the net.
  Foodservice.com U.S.-based foodservice company directory. Extensive.
  FoodWeb Wild site! Get your sunglasses. Really good collection of hospitality web links. Dig deep.
Freep Short for 'Free Press' this US site features an ever changing bunch of links to interesting food related articles that have been published by the organisation. Some informative, interesting reading and some good ideas.
  Gourmet Connection Magazine Colorful and well laid out publication out of New York. Lots of interesting articles and general content.
  Hospitality.com Comprehensive US emag. Aimed mainly at the hotel sector.
  Hospitality Index.com This is a complete one-stop Website for suppliers of products and services to the Hospitality Industry. U.S. based. Searchable.
  Hospitalityhome.com A classy Australian 'portal' site which leads to a variety of resources and services of interest to any hospitality professional. Features knowledgebase, procurement, job exchange and personnel, links, news and other gems. Check it out.
  Hospitality Links Comprehensive US listing of hospitality resources on the net. Arranged by topic. Easy to use. Good graphics.
  Hospitality Net A US commercial magazine site with a good range of topics and an interesting collection of links. We find a subscription to their regular newsletter quite useful.
  Hospitality Resources on the World Wide Web US listing of hospitality web links. Bland but comprehensive. Check out the rest of this site as well.
  Hotel & Travel Schools This is a listing of the hotel and travel schools from all around the world. You can add your own school if it is not already there.
  Hotel Databases List of hotel databases from around the world. Comprehensive.
  Hotel Online US magazine for the hotel industry. List the links to top US issues and stories on the home page. Stay current what's happening over there.
  Nightclub & Bar Magazine From the US, as it's name suggests this is aimed primarily at the nocturnal inhabitants of the hospitality community. Professionally presented, good content.
  Nannyculture This odd named site tracks all the activity by the 'anti choice' activist groups around the world who are trying to get this or that banned from restaurants and hospitality buisnesses. Contains articles and resource material on attempts to ban genetically enginerered foods, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  National Restaurant News High quality US trade magazine containing lots of articles and resources. Good graphics.
  New World Hotelier Magazine and resource site for the new breed of hotel executive. Well laid out and presented. Good content.
  Online Chef Award winning US magazine containing lots of great articles and information about what the current trends are in food, hotels and restaurants. Good graphics.
  Rogov's Ramblings The website of professional wine, restaurant and travel critic, Daniel Rogov, this site contains enough stories articles and reviews to keep you entertained for hours.
  Worldwide hotel and restaurant chain with great tradition and some of the worlds finest restaurants.
  Restaurants & Institutions US based magazine for the restaurant industry. Very well done. Check out their analysis of the US's top 100 restaurants. Fascinating reading.
  RestaurantResults.com List of links to all kinds of restaurant food and industry resources. Extensive. Have a good look around.
  Shawguides Extensive listing of most of the professional cookery schools around the world.
  Small Luxury Hotels As the name suggests this is a listing of SLH's extensive worldwide network of  interesting boutique hotels. Good marketing.
  The Internet Epicurean US magazine site devoted to food and chefs. Good graphics, easy to use menu system.
  The Nestlé Library Cornell University's online hospitality library. Search for info by topic, author, etc.
  The Restaurant Report US magazine for restaurauteurs and industry professionals. Very up to date. Great content and graphics. Free bi-weekly e-mail newsletter. Highly recommended.
  The Wine Spectator The Wine Spectator is well known as a teriffic source for information on wine from around the world, and now you can get it on-line and even search their databases!
  UNLV Industry Resource Pages This link takes you to the site map for the University of Nevada Los Vegas, however don't be dismayed�go half way down the page and you'll find a very rich listing of hospitality, tourism, convention and other industry links. Comprehensive.
  Wine & Dine E-zine Magazine style site from one of the UK's biggest hospitality companies. Check out the European scene.
  Wine Enthusiast Californian based but truely international wine magazine. Includes Australian material, very comprehensive and very well presented.
  Women Chefs Resource Centre As the name suggests this is a site devoted to the interests of female chefs. Good content, good graphics, lots of links.
Tourism & Travel
  Ecotourism Association of Australia The peak representative body for Australia's ecotourism industry.
  International Tourism Research Links A comprehensive directory of links compiled by Michelle Di Rocco that is intended for consultants, academics and researchers specialized in the tourism and hospitality fields. This index also comprises information for those interested in international work and/or study abroad experience.
  Register Of Australian Regional Tourist Associations The purpose of this site is to list tourist information sites that are presented, operated or maintained by regional tourism organisations, government departments, and local authorities.
  René Waksberg's Tourism Links An extensive listing of tourism web links from all over the world. This long standing and well respected site dissappeared for a while and has recently returned.
  Resorts Online Commercial site listing all the world's leading resorts indexed by activities available.
Useful Organisations
  American Hotel & Motel Association (AH&MA) As you would expect, a large site with all kinds of industry information: publications, CD ROM summaries of international hospitality publications, US government activity relating to the hospitality industry; training resources, and more . . .
  American Society of Bakery Engineers (ASBE) is a professional society comprised of members who are either engaged in, involved with, or interested in bakery production. The purpose of the Society is to promote the advancement of baking science technology through the exchange of information and interaction among baking industry professionals.
  Conrad N Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management As the name suggests this is a US hospitality college's web site. Contains sections with industry news and other hospitality links.
  Exhibition and Events Association of Australia The body representing exhibition and events industry.
  Hotel, Motel & Accommodation Association (HMAA) Australian representative body.
  International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus This site provides information for meeting professionals and tour operators.
  International Hotel & Restaurant Association Based in Paris, this is an interactive site for anyone involved or interested in the business of hospitality. Up-to-date information on industry issues and association news.
  The Intervention Centre Information about alcoholism, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Computer Addiction, Internet Addiction, Compulsive Gambling. Intervention resources for alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction, other self-destructive behavior.
  National Restaurant Association (United States) Again, a large site which is well worth a visit. It contains a wealth of information, discussion papers, resources, links to industry sites, US national restaurant guide, research papers on hospitality subjects, etc.
  Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia Industry representative group.
  Venue Management Association (Asia & Pacific) VMA was incorporated in 1992 to provide managers of public assembly facilities in the Asia/Pacific region with their own organisation, dedicated to their professional development and to the growth and success of the venue management industry
  WorldRes An online reservation booking system. Mainly for hotels, this is a free service to enroll in, thereafter incurring a low transaction fee per booking. Useful for hoteliers.
Wine & Spirits
  About Scotch Whisky A comprehensive site with lots of information and tasting notes about Scotch Whisky � blends, single malts, the lot...
  Bob's Wine Links A bland but interesting collection of wine links that can lead you to all kinds of wine related information
  Eat, drink, dine Need to match food with wine, or vice versa? This tidy site allows you to select a grape variety or wine style and find the perfect culinary match.
  Into Wine Very well presented site with a wealth of information about wine and wine making. Great learning site.
  Liquor Merchant's Association of Australia Web site designed and maintained to promote the exchange of information concerning liquor promotions in Australia.
  Miningco's Wine Links A list of wine links with descriptions from the US. Some good listings.
  Robert Parker's Vintage Chart (Print it out) Robert parker has updated his famous vintage chart. It should serve as a general guide to wines from around the world for each of the vintages of the past twenty five years.
  Robyn Garr's Favourite Wine Links Robin Garr has a nice looking page with some very good wine related links. Each link is accompanied by a short explanation.
  Rum Drinks Page An extensive recipe list of rum based cocktails and mixed drinks. A good basis for a spirit theme promotion, perhaps?
  The Wine Page Information and ratings on wine from all over the world.
  Vinternet the official site of some of the best french wine and champagne houses.
  Wine Enthusiast Good looking and informative emag from the US. Features info on a wide range of international wine issues.
  Wine Events A US site featuring a listing of wine related events occuring world wide. Has a section for Australian events.
  Wine Links A good list of wine links from the US commercial site Wino Net.
  Wine Lover's Page From Robin Garr. Heaps of info for those who want to learn more about wine.
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